For The Alpha Male To Attract The Alpha Female

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Company: Alpha Dream

Alpha Dream pharmaceutical company made Alfa Maschio Pheromone and calls it the “Bad Boy” of pheromones. Alpha Dream claims this formula contains a specific pheromone profile that gives off a chemical message to women that you are sexually superior.

Alpha Dream says Alfa Maschio formula works best for men with dynamic, aggressive personalities that want to attract an alpha woman. This “Bad Boy” formula is designed to attract confident women to you and cause other men to identify you as the leader and acknowledge you as the “alpha male.”

How Do Pheromones Work?

Pheromones are naturally produced by the human body. These chemicals which are found on the skin of all humans serve as catalysts for our sixth sense. Each person has a unique signature of these virtually scentless chemicals, which are only detected subconsciously.

As these chemicals are produced by ones body they act as messengers and relay chemosensory information promoting mutual attraction and sex appeal. Pheromones have a detectable scent; however, it lies outside the range of conscious detection. The organ within your nose called the “accessory olfactory bulb” detects these subconscious odors that are relayed to the hypothalamus within the brain, which causes the sexual excitation or other primal effects.

Alfa Maschio Composition:

Cyclopentasiloxane, perfumer’s alcohol, natural Vitamin-E, dimethicone copolyol, poloxamer 407, 17-phenylandrostadienine, androstenone, androsterone, epiandrosterone, alpha-androstenol, androstanone, dehydroisoandrosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone sodium sulfate.

Where To Buy Alfa Maschio:

Alfa Maschio comes in a stylish bottle and sales for $89.50. You can buy it on sale for $59.50 It’s available in four different variations, Unscented, Blended Musk, Cush Sandalwood, and Indian Patchouli. They recommend 3 sprays per application and you should get approximately 400 sprays per bottle. You can purchase Alfa Maschio at




Alfa Maschio seems to be just another product making big claims without providing evidence to back it up. If they would have put as much effort into their product as they did their web site design maybe the outcome would have been more favorable. The price is expensive unless you find it on sale and they do not offer discounts or bonus packages. I suggest you try a Pheromone product that has a proven track record or one that provides clinical evidence that proves their product actually works.

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