Includes 9 Different Pheromone Blends

Rating: alpha a314 pheromone

Alpha A314 is another pheromone-containing product that caters to men with a very boring sex life. It has 9 different pheromone blends, and the formula claims to enhance and improve the social lives of men specifically making women go head over heels to them. Additionally, the company that made this product claims that it is “the first pheromone product designed specifically as day wear.” 

Product Details

Alpha A314 is applied by turning the bottle upside down, applying a drop of its content to the wrist. Wait for a couple of seconds until Alpha A314 has been absorbed by the skin. It is advised that you do not come in contact with the bottle opening to avoid possible contamination of the content. It is up to you if you want to apply additional drops or more often. Although Alpha A314 is advertised as a day wear, it can also be used in the evening. The duration of Alpha A314’s scent will last from 4-6 hours. For best result, it is suggested that you apply 1-7 drops of it each day, and just reapply if going out.

After using Alpha A314, it is believed that you will feel more confident and attractive. You will project an image of an established man who will catch every woman’s attention. This will boost your self confidence and consequently, your self-esteem. And because Alpha A314 is said to have an irresistible scent, your sexiness and appeal will make every woman’s fantasy become a realityl. Women will feel more comfortable which will lead to more flirting with you. Alpha A314 will give you more chances to attract women which lead you to an increased probability of an effective interaction with the opposite sex.

Final Verdict on Alpha A314 Pheromones

In conclusion, the product seems to be a decent one. It is true that pheromones can make an effect to the opposite sex, and that pheromones are naturally produced inside the human body. However, the ingredients of the products are somehow questionable. The company did not present any information on how all the 9 pheromones in Alpha A314 Pheromones are manufactured. Questions like “Is it human pheromone?” and “Is it synthetically made?” will come across the consumers’ mind. That is why it is really difficult to believe the claims of this particular pheromone product. Perhaps, the potential success of the product can be attributed to the fragrance of Alpha A314 Pheromone alone.

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