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Alpha Impact Review

Recently there have been many pheromone products to hit the market. For those who don't know what pheromones are, they are natural chemicals secreted by the body that send subconscious signals to other members of the same species.

Most of the pheromone products on the market today are designed to attract members of the opposite sex. Alpha Impact is a male pheromone in soap form. This product is supposed to attract women to men like honey attracts flies. But does this product work?

The Alpha Impact Difference

Most of the pheromone products on the market come in oil or spray form that is applied after you shower while you are getting dressed to go out for the night. Other pheromones are used in after shaves and perfumes. Alpha impact is different because it delivers the pheromones to the body in soap form right in the shower.

On the surface this sounds like an innovative and great way to deliver these chemicals as you would be coated from head to toe with these hormones instead of just in a few select areas. Which one would think would make the hormone concentration stronger and perhaps entice females from a greater distance. It is extremely low priced for a pheromone making it a very attractive product to try.

And indeed the website does state that this product lasts up to 24 hours which should make any man wearing it a literal chick magnet. However, on closer reading you would discover that this product is only at it's strongest for 3 to 4 hours.

Which while far less than the 24 hours initially advertised should still be sufficient for that Saturday night bar hopping. You simply have to shower and dress and hit the closest club and women should be falling all over themselves to make your acquaintance.

The Results

There doesn't seem to be any scientific data stating that Alpha impact will work any better than any other pheromones out there so, it is necessary to look to reviews from people who have used this product to see just how well it works. While the reviews are somewhat sketchy most show the same results.

Alpha impact doesn't make much of an impact. Men who have tried it don't find any more women attracted to them then if they wore plain cologne. While it doesn't seem to drive women away, it certainly doesn't do anything to attract them either.


There are a few concerns about this product even without the poor reviews. First, no where does there seem to be any specific pheromone listed for Alpha Impact. So while it may contain pheromones it may simply not contain any pheromones that will attract women at all.

Secondly since most pheromone products are quite expensive the low price of this product should alert possible consumers that the pheromones used in this product are probably not the top of line or the most effective.


While Alpha Impact soap may well get you clean for that evening out, it is not going to do much of anything to increase your popularity with women. A good nice smelling cologne will probably have more effect on that blonde, brunette or redhead you are trying to attract.

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