How Does This Pheromone Spray Rank?

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Men between 18 to 35 years of age and who wants to be extra attractive to women are said to find comfort in Ammunition—another pheromone product which promises to ignite social reaction.

Ammunition is a cologne which is said to have been designed by the world’s #1 fragrance designer—although the website doesn’t mention the name of the said fragrance designer. It contains three human pheromones in every bottle, but then again, these pheromones were not mentioned or given names anywhere in the bottle or even in the product’s website. The product is being sold in retail around $65 to $90 per 1500 mcg bottle, and which approximately could give users 200 sprays. If you want to give it a try, the manufacturer of Ammunition is offering a 30-day money back guarantee if ever you don’t find the product effective for you.

How Does Ammunition Pheromones Work?

According to its website, Ammunition pheromones are used by basically spraying some on the wrists and behind the ears. You can also spray on the Neck and chest for added effect. Although the scent may smell pleasant, it fares low as compared to the scents of other pheromone brands.

There are other colognes whose scents smells much better and more attractive than Ammunition. Also, the product claims to have a lasting effect of up to 6 hours. However, you can see reviews on the net which says that the effect could only last up to 3 hours maximum. Some users even testified that the scent of Ammunition doesn’t seem to have special effects and doesn’t seem to attract women. It’s like it’s just a normal scent and nothing’s really special about it. And worse, some users would even need to wait up until 2 hours to wait for the effect of Ammunition pheromones to take place.

Another drawback of Ammunition Pheromone is that if you want this product to work best for you, you may need to combine it with other pheromone products such as the Instant Shine, Turn Up the Heat, and Instant Openness. This only proves that Ammunition pheromones can’t work on its own and it might seriously need some support and product combination for it to work better, which is a real no-no.

As a conclusion, this product is not one for recommendation as it has lots of drawbacks. It didn’t mention the pheromones used and even the name of the designer of the fragrance, plus you could see a lot of negative reviews about it on the web.

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