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Through the use of pheromone's, Attractant 10's claim to fame is that if you use it you will find hot and sexy women are instantly attracted to you.

Pheromones are all-natural chemical substances created in the bodies of both human beings and animals alike. Their function is to catch the attention of the opposite sex.

Research has demonstrated that the pheromones that humans naturally generate are known as Alpha-Androsterol, however present day personal hygiene causes this pheromone to be rinsed away.

Product Claims:

Attractant 10's website claims that it is the best human pheromone spray on the market. They say that the reason it is so effective is due to the fact that they apply an interaction of various pheromones in their formulation simulating desire in both men and women. They claim that most other brands are significantly less effective because they are made up of only one pheromone.

Attractant 10 Pheromone hasn't revealed exactly what pheromones it does contain, however they do claim that it contains a mixture of different pheromones which are primarily based on a European formula. This is the reason they give for the expensive price. The fact that they keep boasting that most products only have one pheromone in their formulas (women only have one pheromone) makes you wonder what the other pheromones actually are and what they are supposed to be attracting.

They do say that it is the single most effective, undetectable attractant pheromone when it comes to women. They also state that Attractant 10 Pheromone starts to work nearly immediately with the bottle lasting between
2 - 4 weeks.

Who Makes Attractant 10?

It is not obvious who manufactures Attractant 10 however the website appears to offer a money back guarantee but just on a single purchase and the actual guarantee isn't very clear. It has also been said that the testimonials for it are too hypy which makes them seem fictitious.

Another downside is that the website isn't sharing the list of pheromones that Attractant 10 is made up of, as well as the fact that it's more expensive than other brands that have received fairly good, believable reviews.


That being said, if you are considering trying a pheromone spray to help you become more attractive to the opposite sex, do you homework. Pheromone advertising is all over the internet and many of the websites promise that their particular product is the best but end up not delivering what they promise.

At this point is hard to say whether or not Attractant 10 lives up to all that it claims to bring to the table. Before you make a decision, check out a variety of pheromone products, Look for what feels like real reviews and make sure what is being promised makes sense.

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