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Axcite Pheromone Cologne: Does It Work?

When you enter the dating scene, you will want all the edges you can get. One way to boost your chances of success when out on the town would be to use a pheromone cologne. Axcite Pheromone Cologne claims to be among the best of the best in this regard. But, does it really deliver? A closer look at the product reveals the answer...

What Are pheromones?

First, some may wonder what pheromones really are? Basically, pheromones are chemicals found in the body that provide a subtle scent that helps attract the opposite sex. Axcite Pheromone Cologne harnesses these chemicals into such a way that you can boost your ability to be attractive. While it is accurate some pheromone colognes are able to do this, Axcite Pheromone Cologne just seems to falter in its delivery. It is somewhat weaker than other products on the market and this undermines the benefits it professes to deliver.

Will It Work?

What does make this product stand out from the crowd is that it is manufactured with 7 human sex pheromones that are dubbed as being "ultra potent." In addition to the inclusion of these 7 pheromones, a special proprietary Alpha Amp-LP7 Technology is employed to boost the "buying signals" you send to Women. Whether this is all effective is another matter. You will not see shocking results with this particular product although it is not a terrible product either.

With Axcite Pheromone Cologne, promises are made that you will gain more interest from the opposite sex, date more, develop self-confidence, become approached by women, and develop and overall magnetic personality. This may all seem well and good but such claims are more than a bit overstated. You might see results but do not expect much in terms of magic from this product. That is just not what occurs.

How To Use Axcite

Using the product is relatively simple. You would dab a little bit of the cologne on your person and its effects purportedly will last for several hours. The scent of this cologne has conflicting reviews; you may wish to add "regular" cologne to your person to mask the Axcite Pheromone Cologne scent.

No one has reported any severe side effects with this supplement but it is applied topically to the skin in the same way any other cologne would be. So, you do need to be mindful of potential allergies or irritation. Reading the ingredients on the bottle is well advised so as to avoid such a problem.

The cost of Axcite Pheromone Cologne is $119.98 for two bottles and it does come with a money back guarantee. Consider that a positive.

Is this an overall bad product? No, bad would be too harsh of a word to use. However, it does not get a solid recommendation either. It simply is not effective enough to warrant such. Those seeking more reliable pheromones are advised to look elsewhere.

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