Produce An Aura Of Trust And Male Youth


alpha dream imageCompany: Alpha Dream

Certo Pheromone was produced by Alpha Dream pharmaceutical company specifically for the man wishing to be a women’s “Hero,” or the “Good Guy.” This formula goes beyond the physical aspect; it is more suited for the man who attracts women through intimately and truthfulness.

Certo contains a “beta-male” formula which will embolden your sense of confidence while producing an aura of trust and male youth. Certo will attract the type of women who are laid-back and relaxed. This product was made specifically for promoting long-term relationships and for the disclosure of a woman’s innermost secrets and emotion.

How To Use Certo Pheromones:

Apply at least three or more sprays to clean skin on a major pulse-point, normally the neck or the underside of your wrists. You want to use these areas because they generate the most heat, which enhances the performance of the formula.

For maximum performance the wearer must be within a ten foot radius of the targeted person. Pheromones begin to affect the behavior of a person within seconds of exposure; full effects will take hold within sixty seconds and last up to six hours after application.

Certo Pheromone Composition:

Cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone copolyol, perfumer’s alcohol, natural Vitamin-E, poloxamer 407,
17-phenylandrostadienine, androstanone, alpha-androstenol, beta-androstenol, dehydroeniandrosterone sodium sulfate, and dihydrodeoxycorticosterone.

Product Description:

Where To Buy Certo Pheromone:

Certo Pheromone comes in a stylish glass bottle made in Italy and sales for $84.50. You can buy it on sale for $54.50 It’s available in four different variations, Unscented, Blended Musk, Cush Sandalwood and Indian Patchouli. You can purchase Certo at




Certo Pheromone has an attractive designed web site with half naked models marketing the product. They use an attractive glass container that is supposed to be made in “Italy.” By using the right combination of pictures and words they lure you in and then offer to sale you their product at a reduced price. Certo Pheromone doesn’t provide proof that their product actually works, its efficiency is questionable because there is very little study to back it up. Most of all, there is little evidence that Certo will give you that “Hero” or “Good Guy” allure to Women that it is specifically formulated for. I think this product is closer to cologne then it is to pheromones. We recommend using a pheromone product with a proven track record if you’re interested in attracting the opposite sex.

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