Is There Proof Pheromones Will Attract The Opposite Sex

Do our human pheromones work to attract members of the opposite sex? Are human pheromones real, and if so, then what are they and how do they create sexual attraction? Can the scents created by human pheromones be duplicated and used successfully? These are questions that have all been answered in exacting detail by scientists.

Scientists began to assess and identify the way human pheromones work in the early 1990’s. In 1992 the first researched findings were presented to the scientific community.

Although pheromones are definitely real, these little molecular compounds are not consciously being sensed and detected by those around you. The male human pheromones release a captivating scent that females detect involuntarily.


The scent of the male is then transmitted through the hypothalamus into the regions of the Brain that are in charge of sexual attraction and emotions. Certain human pheromones create an undeniable attraction that women instinctively feel and this sexual attraction is what many people label as ‘romantic chemistry'.

Only a small amount of human pheromones is required to generate the desired reaction among members of the opposite sex. Once this scent is detected on an individual there are changes in the emotions of the opposite sex.

Human pheromones can determine how attractive you seem to others. These scents can also create a more open and willing attitude in members of the opposite sex. Even ovulation changes can occur when a woman detects the scent of human pheromones.

The right combination of pheromones can make it possible for you to impress others in a positive way. You do not even have to work at being the main attraction in a social setting because these chemicals make it happen naturally.

Animal pheromones have been studied for a number of years but in the early 1990’s scientists decided to specialize on human pheromones and their impact on sexual attraction. They were able to prove that these compounds played a major role in how mates were selected and why certain individuals were judged more attractive than others.

Scientists were able to specifically isolate and study the way that pheromones work in relation to the human neuro-physiological system. The scents that are created by the combinations of pheromones are geared to influence how the opposite sex will react.

These studies cited stunning evidence that directly linked the effect of human pheromones to human sexual preferences.

To put this in simpler terms your brain and genetic make-up have been designed to respond to certain hormonal scents. It is these pheromone based smells that are primarily responsible for physical and sexual attraction.

In other words, good looks can help, but whether a person perceives you as sexually attractive is a direct result of the chemical scents their brain has detected on your body.

It is obvious that scientists have discovered an important cornerstone that involves human sexual attraction. These studies and research regarding human pheromones is now the basis for new products designed to mimic the positive effect of these naturally occurring human 'sex' scents.

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