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Almost every male on the planet wants to boost their pheromone production. Boosting your pheromone production not only will draw more women to you and boost your confidence; it will give you the edge over others in just about any social situation. They will not only grab the attention of the opposite sex, but will help you shine in general, from home to the board room. Conversation will come easier, and people will be drawn to your seemingly magnetic personality.

Because of the hunt for the perfect pheromone levels, there has been a deluge of products hit the market that all claim be the best solution for pheromone production. It's important to keep in mind that not all of these products work as advertised, or are much less effective at best when compared to the other products. Edge Up Pheromone is one of those products that claim to do a lot but does it really deliver?

Does Edge Up Work?

The Edge Up website states that their product has been featured on many big name television networks, such as ABC, ScienceDaily and CNN, however they were typically only featured as paid programming or TV ads. They haven't really been supported by any reputable source or researchers who know anything about pheromone production. Edge Up has been FDA approved and is made in an FDA approved facility as well, but does it offer better results than say, any good deodorant?

According to several of the online reviews out there, the answer is no. While the smell is pleasant, Edge Up is often referred to as an overly glorified deodorant. They base the science behind it on the fact that every man has a different smell. They then go on to say that most men who are in shape smell "nice and sweet", while out of shape and "less attractive" men put off a less than desirable scent.

The site goes to address that it's a combination of the alluring smell and the self confidence that comes with high levels of pheromone that is the cause of the real attraction developing. The initial attraction is only the first step, and it's the step where pheromones are most at play/ Edge Up pushes the point that they are unique because they address the "self confidence" part of the picture.


Edge Up won't really help pheromone production, but instead uses pheromone compounds to help you put out a sexually alluring scent. It leans more toward being a deodorant that smells like natural pheromones, that has been somewhat successful in attracting the opposite sex, and it is the ingredients that make it stand out. Edge Up deodorant is infused with Androsterone, a sharp smelling pheromone which is produced by all mammals. People can detect levels as low as .2 parts per billion and is a sign of dominance. Epiandrosterone is also in Edge Up and is found in the testicular tissue of all males and offers protection against Alzheimer's. Androsterone is another pheromone that is attractive to the opposite sex and is also infused in Edge Up.

How Much Does Edge Up Cost?

Edge Up is quite effective as a deodorant; however it does not encourage natural pheromone production like many of the other pheromone enhancing products on the market. It's also pricy, and for the reported results, doesn't warrant paying the price. At $100 a bottle, the Edge Up is simply too expensive for the results you will get from it.


One plus with Edge Up is that they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This will give you the chance to try it out and see if its scent does get you the results you desire, even without the production of natural hormones. On the other hand, most pheromone products come with a money back guarantee, so you may be better off giving one a chance that is backed by positive testimonials.

In conclusion, with all the available pheromone products on the market today, you might want to consider trying one that is backed by proven results. There's no point in wasting time trying products that haven't received a big thumbs up. After all, you're probably ready to get out there and get the party started.

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