Why Pheromones Attract The Opposite Sex

Unless you've been living in a cave or are completely satisfied with your sex live, you've probably wondered "How Do Pheromones Work and why do members of the opposite (and same sex in some cases) respond so strongly to them?"

To begin, pheromones are chemical compounds produced by animals, including the human animal giving them the ability to communicate with the opposite sex. All of us emit a scent that sexually stimulates a man or human-pheromone-image-2woman relaying the message that they are ready and willing to mate. This mysterious attraction has been thoroughly studied and proven in relation to wildlife however in studies related to humans, no specific reasons have been identified that explains how these pheromones cause sexual attraction in humans to the level that they do, never the less they do trigger attraction between the sexes and in a big way.

Many believe that pheromones are forms of communication dating way back before there was verbal language and communication, at a time when animals would sniff the air, find their mates and mark their territories. Today, human pheromones are available to us humans in creams, bottled and even patches and all are foolproof treatments proven to attract the opposite sex. They are the invisible hand that draws the sexes together. These highly effective pheromones are referred to as sex appeal in a bottle.

Does Everyone Have Pheromones?

Human sex pheromones are naturally created by your body; however, bathing, and the use of antiperspirants can wash them away or at the very least weaken their performance. Fortunately, you can now purchase pheromone products that will give you back what you've lost with your daily grooming. These products do a spectacular job of generating sensations like desire, delight, and extreme sexual attraction. Using a pheromone product will unconsciously draw members of the opposite sex to you like a bee to honey and they won't even know why.

A recent study was completed taking couples as well as a set of twins and putting them in similar positions at singles bars as a social experiment. The results were that the individuals who used human pheromones prior to going out were approached more frequently and were kissed, held and enjoyed sex much more often. In the experiment with the twins, the one that use the pheromones got twice the attention than the twin that didn't wear any. Proof positive that pheromones work.

human-pheromone-image-3When pheromones are used in the right concentration, their effects are very powerful. Research has revealed that both men and women are extremely attracted to enticing colognes and perfumes worn by others. There are pheromone colognes on the market that will give these people both the enjoyment of nicely scented cologne as well as a powerful pheromone punch. No downside to that! You can even find unscented pheromone colognes, which gives the user the ability to mix it with their own favorite cologne.

Will Pheromones Work For Me?

So how do pheromones work and what does it mean to me? The bottom line is, you'll be much more confident, enjoy more sex as well as boost the frequency and your endurance during sex and best of all you'll have far better sex. For people currently in a relationship, a supercharge in pheromones will rekindle passion you had in the beginning of your relationship leading to a revitalized, energized and better than ever sexual experience. If you're in the dating game, pheromones will make you much more popular with the ladies who will be instantly drawn to you without even knowing why. In addition, pheromones will get you respect and admiration from other men. Because they build confidence, a side benefit of pheromones is that they improve other aspects of your life as well.

Pheromones products are a great additional to the ones you naturally release and will give you that added edge on dates, night clubbing or even at the office. Buying the right pheromone products will be a great additional to your dating arsenal, boosting the attraction messages you'll be silently sending out.

So, "how do pheromones work?" is somewhat a mystery but they do work. Numerous long lasting relationships have started simply because of the appealing forces of the pheromones engaged between the two individuals. If it weren't for pheromones, most of these relationships wouldn't have happened. When you think about it, if your ancestor's hadn't been drawn to one another, you would be here reading this article right now.

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