How To Boost Your Pheromone Levels

Raising your pheromone levels, which are emitted naturally, is the best way to draw the attention of the opposite sex and at the same time, boost your self esteem. Self esteem/self improvement, what ever you want to call it, raising your pheromones can be life changing because they play a large part in human interaction, especially with the opposite sex.

Pheromones can be your friend, making you appear more confident and appealing, with little effort on your part. Unfortunately, pheromones aren't controlled at will, but luckily, with the benefits of modern science, there have been a variety of products introduced that are not only safe, but effective, that do a great job of raising the natural pheromone levels, and quickly. All of the products claim to be the best, but only a few truly deliver the promised results, and safely.

If you want to raise your natural pheromone levels, increase your chances of connecting with the opposite sex and boost your self confidence, it's important to understand what makes these products work. At the same time, if you decide to try a pheromone product, you need to take the time to read the online reviews before you buy. There are so many of these solutions on the market that it can be difficult to find the best one. Reading the reviews will help you make an educated decision.


Testosterone, Steroids, Hormones?

First of all, you have to understand that only a few physical traits effect hormone production in the human body. These traits can't always be altered through diet or exercise, and some of them are just inherent. The largest accountable trait would have to be testosterone. People often try and take steroids to improve their pheromones however, you don't always get positive results and most of the steroid treatments come with a huge list of side effects.

There are easier ways to improve your testosterone levels though, such as taking a zinc supplement. Zinc is essential for good health and plays a large role in testosterone production and also boosts the immune system. There are several multi-vitamins on the market that says they boost your immune system, and the main cause is that they typically contain high levels of zinc.

These multi-vitamins can also be used to raise your natural pheromone levels. 35 to 50 mg of Zinc is suggested per day; however they should be taken over the course of the day, not in one dosage. DHEA supplements work in much the same way as Zinc; however it is a hormone and comes with some risky side effects. If you go the DHEA route, don't take any more than 10 mg a day. If you have heart problems you should avoid taking DHEA all together.

Herbal Treatments?

There are also herbal treatments that can boost testosterone and in doing so, boost pheromone production in the body. Yoho be is one of the more popular choices however this is also an extreme solution, and has been known to have some side effects. There are less dangerous herbal treatments out there however many of them don't offer results as quickly. It's important to find a safe product that offers the results you are looking for, so be sure to, once again, and do some thorough research before choosing an herbal supplement.

If you aren't looking for a supplement to boost pheromone production, there are other ways. Diet has always played a big part in pheromone production, and it is important to consume a well balanced diet full of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. A high amount of fiber combined with drinking a lot of water will also help you produce pheromones more naturally.

Pheromone production is also tied to exercise. Exercising is already good for building muscle and getting toned, but by exercising and working up a sweat, you will let out all the toxins and oils that can slow pheromone productions. There are oils on the market that go a step further in the cleansing process, than your typical bath soaps which can wash away the pheromones you're trying to create. Cleansing your skin through regular exercise, taking supplements and consuming a fiber rich diet, will raise your natural pheromone levels, and quickly.


There are many ways to raise your natural pheromone levels, besides just a healthy diet, exercise and zinc supplements. If following these tips doesn't work for you, your other options include a variety of medications, treatments and even Pheromone cologne and spray, all that can be very effective.

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