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Company: Vero Laboratoriesliquid trust pheromones

The definition of a pheromone is that it is a social-environmental chemical stimulus such as pertaining to odors. These odors are produced by one individual where when that individual comes into contact with another, and then behavioral changes will take place. These changes are supposed to be beneficial to both parties. Pheromones are said to exert their influence no matter if the animal knows it is responding to the odor or not.

Liquid Trust, which is an attractant pheromone, is exclusively produced by Vero Laboratories. This pheromone product really is not what it says it is. It actually contains oxytocin, which is quite a complex mixture. It has the claim that says if you use this pheromone compound, you will see that people will open up, trust and even want to desire you.


This attractant pheromone is actually composed of three main ingredients: Androsterone, Oxytocin and Androstenone.

Oxytocin - This is a hormone that is well known in promoting bonds with others. It not only creates a sense of trust, but it will help to maintain interpersonal relationships.

Androstenone - This pheromone naturally occurs in humans and has the association with the perception of the dominance of the male. Androstenone seems to be tied in with male aggression.

Androsterone - this is an exclusively human pheromone. It seems that males who have a higher percentage of Androsterone are more masculine. It promotes a sense of trust but is not overbearing as with the Androtenone.

How Does Luquid Trust Work?

Here is how Liquid Trust is supposed to work in just three simple steps:

1.  Put on Liquid Trust in the morning as you are dressing, during the day if you have an important meeting to attend or apply it in the evening before you go out to socialize.

2.  Everybody you run into will almost unconsciously and immediately pick up on Liquid Trust's pure Oxytocin that you are wearing.

3.  Without even knowing how or why, the people who are around you will suddenly develop a strong trusting feeling. They really will not be able to explain it, but you know for sure that Liquid Magic has taken hold with its magical spell.


Liquid Trust can actually be found on and sells for $29.95. You may or may not be sold on this product after you read a couple of the reviews. It depends upon your moral beliefs on a very touchy subject. Only portions of the reviews will be printed here:

"I like this stuff and have seen good results. It doesn't work as a sex attractant, but if you need someone to trust you, it works very well."

"First, the facts. Oxytocin (OXT) is used to stimulate abortions and speed up labor, specifically cervical dilation, and it lasts only a few minutes in the body (see Wikipedia for verification and more info). The nasal spray cited in the research papers only increased trust and generosity in the person who sprays it up their nose shortly before playing a money exchange game...The FDA would come down hard on anyone offering nonprescription OXT...."


On the Liquid Trust Pheromone web sit it states that there is a 100% money back guarantee. You can also get a two-month supply for $49.95 on their website. Results will vary from person to person. If you are looking for people to trust you then I recommend Liquid Trust Pheromones. If you are looking for a more sexual experience, then I recommend using a higher quality pheromone product. I have personally used Pherazone and Nexus Pheromones and had great success with both products.

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