8 Optimized Pheromones For Maximum Potency

Max Attraction Gold


Price: $99.50

Guarantee: 60 Days

The LuvEssential Company rates Max Attraction Gold Pheromone their highest proprietary combination of 8 optimized pheromones for maximum potency. Max Attraction Gold is listed as having a cool, fresh fragrance and comes in an easy to use, convenient pump spray.

Max Attraction Gold states that it contains over three times the potency of other pheromone products on the market today. Each bottle contains 17.8 mg of pheromone content and these blends are added to the purest of ethanol bases available, SD40-B.

How To Use Max Attraction Gold Pheromones:

Max Attraction Gold suggests you apply one or two sprays to your skin or outer clothing. The web site claims that it will not stain your clothing.

They recommend that you sit or stand approximately 1 to 6 feet away from the person you are trying to attract to allow them to pick up your scent. It should only take 6 to 7 seconds to get a favorable reaction from the opposite sex.

Max Attraction Gold Pheromone Composition:

Normally we list the product formula’s ingredients in this area; unfortunately, we could not find any information on ingredients, ingredient potency or specific formula information for Max Attraction Gold.

Product Description:

Where To Buy Max Attraction Gold Pheromone:

Max Attraction Gold Pheromone comes in a pump spray bottle and sales for $99.50. Currently you can buy it on sale for $79.60 which is a 20% discount. It is only available in one scent and can be purchased at LuvEssentials.com.




Max Attraction Gold Pheromone effectiveness as a pheromone product is in question. We could not find any information on their formula’s ingredients or proof that the product really works. The price would be warranted if the product works. The shipping charges seem high and if you have to return a product that didn't work, why should you have to pay to ship it back. We recommend using a pheromone product with a proven track record if you’re really interested in attracting the opposite sex.

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