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For ages, we’ve seen how animals rely on pheromones to communicate with one another. Animals secrete pheromones to indicate their desire. They also use it to mark territories, court preys, and identify signs of danger. Animals rely heavily on pheromones as opposed to human that rely more on their vision, hearing, and judgment.

It wasn’t so long ago that scientists were able to say conclusively that humans too secrete and react to pheromones. Being a higher form of animal, human was found to communicate, albeit unconsciously, using pheromones. Just like animals, we respond to arousal through pheromones.

Active Ingredients

A bottle of Pherlure contains dehydroepiandrosterone. This ingredient is advertised by Pherlure as an authentic human pheromone that increases pheromone levels in the blood. However, at a closer look, dehydroepiandrosterone is a naturally occurring steroid hormone produced by the endocrine organs of the body. It functions to regulate the growth and development of the male secondary sex characteristics. It is also the precursor to estrogen. In fact, dehydroepiandrosterone is an androgen. You can call it testosterone if you want.

While dehydroepiandrosterone is a known male hormone, there is no established study that this ingredient acts as a pheromone. It helps in the development of Sex characteristics and it is also indispensable to estrogen production. As such, it plays a part in sexual responses however, it doesn’t say much as a supposed pheromone.

How Does Pherlure Work

Pherlure is typically used like cologne. Small amounts are sprayed directly into pulse points after which you can try it out in your work place or your favorite bar. With Pherlure, they promise you a larger chance of getting along with ladies. You’ll be approached more and you can charm the ladies more. Ladies are attracted to the wearer of Pherlure. They react unconsciously because of the phermones their bodies detect through an organ called Vomeronasal found in the nose. As it is detected, it is delivered to the brain for interpretation and the body responds. As a result, women will be more open and more affectionate to you.




In our opinion, Pherlure is just another pheromone product that makes "miracle claims" but with no evidence to back it up. It's also pretty expensive when compared to other similar products on the market. Not enough user reviews on Pheromone have been collected to come to a definitive conclusion, but you're probably better off trying a Pheromone product that has a more proven track record or clinical evidence that back up its claims.

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