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For more than 50 years scientific research professionals have verified the fact that pheromones influence a subconscious sexual reaction in the opposite sex, basically turning on the sexual attraction switch. Pheromone cologne is a safe, efficient way to get the added pheromones you need, to easily get you the results you're looking for - far more and intense sexual encounters.

The human body naturally creates pheromones that are unique, fragrant chemical substances released from one person and attracting another. Even though animals have always been known to release pheromones that act as sex attractants, the existence of similar pheromones in humans was always questioned; however, scientific studies have proven that they exist. This fact has led to the creation of pheromone products, one of the most popular being Pheromone cologne.


There are actually a number of types of human pheromone including Androstenol, which typically causes the wearer to appear friendly and welcoming; Androstenone, which will project a dominating as well as aggressive aura along with a sharp odor; Androsterone, which generates a feeling of safety typically related to serene alpha males; Androstadienone, which creates a feeling of caring and closeness; Copulins, female pheromones, which increases testosterone levels in males. Other less significant pheromones include Androstadienol and Estratetraenol. Most successful pheromone cologne products include these pheromones.

Natural pheromones are the pheromones that the human body naturally creates. There are several physiological properties that effect pheromone production including testosterone levels, exercise and even steroids (extreme choice). Unfortunately, sweating, using antiperspirant sprays and bathing often wash away these much-needed pheromones. Some individuals have uses products like zinc supplements, various herbal and DHEA supplements in their efforts to boost pheromone production; however, the most effective and convenient way to get quick results is using Pheromone cologne.

Synthetic pheromone is a replicate of a pheromone that is naturally released by younger, twenty something, sexually attractive women. It is an odorless, colorless, liquid that women can apply to attract the opposite sex and has been proven to be extremely successful when combined in Pheromone cologne.

Wearing high quality Pheromone cologne has been proven to help you get more attention, more conversation, and flirtation from the opposite sex in double blind studies that randomly tested individuals who were unaware that other participants were wearing potent pheromone cologne. The outcome repeatedly proved to noticeably boost approachability and strong sexual attraction. They can even promote more successful business as well as other interpersonal relationships.

Another study carried out by ABC News in an effort to see if pheromones really worked proved successful. They tested a set of identical twins, applying a pheromone product to one of the twins and a placebo (witch hazel) to the other. The twins where then taken to a bar and they had the pair change places during the night so nobody would realize they were 2 different individuals. The results were that 30 males were drawn to the twin that had applied the pheromones and just 11 approached the sibling wearing the placebo. The end result was that the sister wearing the pheromone product had 3 times the success rate of the other, proof positive that pheromones boost your sexual attraction. Using pheromone cologne gives you an easy, efficient way of getting these same, powerful results.

You can purchase Pheromone cologne in both unscented and scented formulas. The unscented formulas can usually be added to your favorite cologne to mask the slightly strong odor of the pheromones. You can purchase Pheromone cologne in desirable scents like Sandalwood, Musk and Patchouli to name a few, all clean, popular scents that promote desire.

There are versions on the market to suit everyone's needs. There are pheromones that are for men wanting to attract women, giving off the feeling of sexual superiority; Unisex versions that can boost your social status by putting those you meet at ease, opening up your ability to easily communicate. These blends work in social situations and on the job creating a feeling of trust, respect and easy communication.

There is absolutely no doubt that pheromones play a very n significant role in human attraction. Pheromone cologne manufacturers continuously endeavor to create the perfect love potion that generates the possibility of making anyone desirable. Pheromone cologne products have been successfully used by many individuals to attract women as well as men and by couples that want to spice to their sex life.

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