Generate Higher Sexual Attraction

It's all about survival of the fittest. Pheromones give you endurance advantages by generating higher sexual attraction instinctively. In human beings, pheromones are naturally produced, however they sadly get washed away as a result of bathing, wearing antiperspirant's and even the clothing you wear. This lessens the part that natural pheromones have in our love lives.

Pheromone Perfumes, a great deal like their male counterparts, increase sexual attraction in others and draw them to you. It's not just the men who desire a more intense love life,
closer bonds and hotter sex with their current partners as well as better business and even family relationships. Pheromone perfumes will do the very same for you.

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are the odorless chemical compounds that result in arousal and desire in men and women. Pheromones that have effects on men and women differ from each other. You will discover a good deal of medical research that has revealed that pheromones definitely do perform. They are actually chemical signals that are emitted by humans, animals and even plants to communicate with their species. Their wide variety of smells help to explain why we are often lured to some people and not others.

Pheromone perfumes are rapidly becoming a hot commodity for women who are active on the dating scene. For decades, women have applied scents to attract mates. Some have achieved success, others have not. That is until recent years with the introduction of pheromone perfumes. Without a doubt, pheromone perfumes have been proven to successfully attract the attention of the opposite sex.

Because of the increasing popularity of pheromone perfumes, a variety of fragrance designers are integrating pheromones into several of their fragrances. Furthermore there are numerous providers which present man made pheromones independently which enables you to add the pheromones to your own perfume.

Following are just a few products and scents available to you


Pherazone has a light vanilla scent however it is also available unscented to mix with your favorite perfume. It is said to generate a potent sexual aphrodisiac response that is flawlessly combined as well as fine tuned to flawlessness.


This is a premixed perfume with a soft, floral fragrance. It comes ready to use in a convenient, easy to carry and apply bottle. This is a great option pheromone newbie’s.

Max Attraction SILK

This product has a warm, sensuous fragrance that users have just loved. It has been reported that one spray of Max Attraction SILK significantly improves the manner in which men sexually react to you.

Researching and choosing the best pheromone product for you is all about common sense, the approach you should be using for any product you consider buying. Look for pheromone perfumes that have a solid reputation, are reasonably priced and offer a variety of pheromone choices. Everything you need to carry out your research can be found online. Just make sure you have access to real world testimonials and then compare the feedback with some from other sites not company related.

Don't worry, you will find the perfect pheromone perfumes for you. You may even want to purchase both fragranced and unscented. The pheromone choice that is scented is convenient because it's premixed and ready to go the minute you receive it. The unscented is great if you have a personal perfume you love and feel it's worth the small effort to mix it before use.

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