Why Do People Fall In Love?

Have you ever wondered why “opposites attract” or why some people fall in love without having anything in common? Everyone knows that you cannot help who you fall in love with, but what is it driving you to fall in love when you do? Why do so many couples fight nonstop, yet fall into one another's arms in the bedroom? Part of the answer to both of these questions is pheromones. Once you learn how pheromones work in nature, you can use pheromone reviews to take control of your love life with the best products on the market.

Human pheromones are natural components of the body that send out scent signals to other human beings. We pick up on these scents instinctively and find ourselves drawn to particular people because of their scent. There are other factors that come into play, but pheromones are still important when it comes to attracting mates.

No matter how well or horrible your love life may be going right now, you can use pheromone products to enhance your attraction to others. The following pheromone reviews will help you determine what products you can trust if you want to give yourself a boost in the love department.

Pheromone Reviews – Top Pheromone Products on Sale Today

#1: Pherazone

pherazoneThere are three reasons this is the number one pheromone product on the market today: it smells better than many regular colognes on the market, it is three times more potent than other pheromone colognes, and it comes with a thirty day no-questions-asked guarantee. You won’t find all of those things together in many other pheromone reviews.

Many men love the scent of Pherazone, and women seem to love it even more. Many men will wear this even if they aren’t trying to attract women for a particular occasion. They simply like the smell. The extra attention they tend to get from women when wearing it is just a bonus. The attention comes from the 18 mg of pheromones, which is triple, the amount in many other products.

#2: Nexus Pheromone

nexusThis is a simple body spray that contains enough pheromones to bring out an animalistic desire in women. It may not have the amazing smell that you get with Pherazone, but it still smells pleasant and it really works! Men who wear Nexus Pheromone notice that they get more attention from women, including more touching from women than they receive without wearing the spray.

#3: Attract-RX Pheromone

Attract-RX is quite different from other pheromone products on the market right now. Rather than containing artificial pheromone like the products presented in the top two pheromone reviews listed above, this product contains no pheromone. It is designed with herbs to naturally increase the amount of pheromone produced by your own body. Rather than supplementing your pheromone supply, you supplement your body to aid the production of natural pheromones.

#4: Human Euphoria

If this were a list of the top pheromone reviews for products designed for female use, Human Euphoria wouldattract-rx make it to the top of the list. This is the top product for women who want more attention from men. The perfume is pleasant smelling and can last a full eight hours, while sometime lingering up to ten hours. Similar to the pheromone products above for men, women wear this perfume to get the attention of men.

#5: Scent of Eros

This makes the list by virtue of having a product for both men and women. You can find Scent of Eros for women, or for men, depending on who you are trying to attract. Couples trying to keep the spark alive in their relationship may even buy both so they can feel an enhanced desire for one another. Just note that the formula used for these products does not contain as much pheromone as the Pherazone. It is not as powerful, but still gets the job done.

#6: Chikara Pheromone

euphoriaThere are seven different pheromones present in this formula, so it is one of the more thorough products on the market. Again, it won’t have as much pheromone as the top rated product, Pherazone, but it is adequate to increase the attraction of others to any man. It can also be good just for a confidence boost, if you think that is standing in your way of attracting mates.

These are just six pheromone reviews for the top pheromone products on the market today. There are many other products on the market designed to help you bring more love into your life. Explore the market, and read a lot of pheromone reviews before making a final decision.


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