Can Your Perspiration Attract Women?

In 1959 Martin Luscher and Peter Karlson introduced pheromones to the world. The word pheromone is from the Greek word pherein, which means to transport, and hormone, which means to stimulate. These are chemical messengers that released outside the human body and have a direct effect on hormone levels or behavioral change.

Do Pheromone Sprays Work?

There have been controlled scientific studies suggesting that pheromone sprays work in humans. One of the best known studies involved the synchronization of menstrual cycles between women. This study was based on unconscious odor prompts. By exposing women to perspiration odors of other woman, it was documented that it caused their menstrual cycles to accelerate or decelerate depending on the day of the month the perspiration was collected.

Other studies have been conducted using identical twins and pheromone sprays. In theses studies the twin that used pheromone sprays was effectively more attractive and gained more attention from the opposite sex than the twin without using pheromone sprays. The results from these studies are considered overwhelming proof positive that pheromone sprays is an effective way to attract the opposite sex, and sometimes the same sex.


If you're looking for the woman or man of your dreams, the pheromones that your body emits will more than likely play a role in your success. Unfortunately, we unknowingly weaken their strength every time we bath, perspire or even wear antiperspirant in our efforts to make ourselves more attractive to others but causing the opposite results. Enter Pheromone Sprays.

Human pheromone sprays are readily available commercially and they are intended to improve a specialized area of the human connection, sexual attraction. They also play an important role in other areas of living like business success and as well as bonding with other people involved in your life. Pheromone sprays are derived from a specific pheromone family which is produced by the body's hormones that are an indication of virility, youth and strength. Each of us puts out these kinds of pheromones, however in various amounts.

There is a hormone called the "Luteinizing hormone" that is found in both males and females that can be elevated by introducing Andostenol, which in turn increases testosterone concentrations, which is said to be the reason we receive the intense feelings of attraction that we do. Most successful pheromone sprays include Andosterol.

The following is a list of pheromones that are typically found in pheromone sprays

1. Androstenone, also known as Anone indicates dominance and aggression and is normally linked to mating attraction and sexual responses.

2. Androstenol, also known as Anol is utilized to signal friendliness and youthful vitality resulting in better communication, the feeling of ease and trust and the desire to please. Great conversation starter because it make members of the opposite sex comfortable around you and feeling secure.

3. Androsterone, also known as Arone, signals human protection and masculinity, instantly turning you into a protective, virile Alpha Male.

4. Copulins, also known as Cops is a chemical substance which is released in females in the course of ovulation, which is a mixture of natural substances as well as essential fatty acids that are designed to stimulate copulation. They say that if a man smells it on a female they'll find her more desirable.

How Do Pheromones Work?

Pheromone sprays works by being discharged in the air very much like what is carried out in nature followed by the sudden feeling of attraction from the opposite sex. Many pheromone sprays can attract several people at the same time which can be a good problem to have, making you a happy human magnet.

The ideal way to use pheromone sprays is to start with a little to test the waters and then work your way up. This will help you reach your desired attraction level and find the best combination for you. You want to entice the desired mate with this natural process and you won't have to try to hard, it will just come to you.

The bottom line is that pheromone sprays do work so if you want to add romance to your love life as well as level the playing field in your favor, they are well worth using. Pheromone sprays come scented and unscented. You can even mix pheromone sprays products with your own favorite cologne.

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