How Many Types Of Pheromones Are There?

Pheromones are chemical compounds that occur by natural means that are found in all animals, insects and human beings. When they are secreted they influence sex-related actions and catch the attention of the opposite sex. They are naturally released in the form of tears, perspiration and saliva. These scents convey signs in relation to disposition, excitement, desire as well as health, subconsciously impacting the behaviors of those on the receiving end.

Following is a list of some of the most effective pheromones categories as well as descriptions of their characteristics.


Androstadienone is defined as creating powerful pheromone like attractions in human beings, impacting the sexual and social dispositions of both heterosexuality and homosexuals. Its reported predominant effects are said to elevate a female's disposition as well as minimize stress caused by PMS. It boosts feelings of trust and intimacy and is often referred to as the "love pheromone".


Androstenol, also known as the "Ice Breaker" pheromone, generates a welcoming, approachable feeling, and makes the user appear to be approachable, not intimidating. It delivers an aura of vitality and well being that creates a perception of reproductive wellness which in turn is attractive to the opposite sex.


Androstenone is commonly found in humans and pigs. Both men and women produce this hormone however it is primarily regarded as a male pheromone because it normally brings about a dominating and aggressive aura that causes females to feel slightly intimidated yet attracted to them. Androstenone puts off a rather pungent odor which if applied as a pheromone product will need to be used along with cologne.


It is created inside the liver organ from the metabolic process of testosterone. This pheromone presents an effective alpha male aura minus the aggressive impression and has been called the "gentleman" pheromone, giving off the feeling of trust and masculinity that females respond positively to.


When the Dehydroepiandrosterone is blended with a cocktail of other pheromones, it enhances the effects of the pheromone's it's mixed with. It also has the ability to tame the strong odor of some pheromones. In addition, it works as a time release method for the gradual release of other pheromones that it's blended with.


Epiandrosterone is considered a pro-active hormone and is the precursor of Stanolone which is a potent steroid hormonal agent. It is often taken by body builders because of its ability to help the user gain muscle density, weight as well as definition.


The Epoxyestratrienol pheromone is said to relieve a female's irritability when ovulating as well as has powerful pheromonal side effects.


Estratetraenol is a chemical compound in females that creates activities similar to pheromones. It is a by-product belonging to the Estradiol family, an estrogen and sexual pheromone without the typical estrogenic effects.

Honey Bee Pheromones

Honey Bee pheromones are a combination of chemical compounds discharged from bees into their hives or surrounding areas that trigger alterations in the conduct associated with other bees.


Nepetalactone is an organic and natural substance from the catnip plant Nepeta cataria that acts as an attractant to cats. It is also found in tartarian honeysuckle bark. Shavings from this bark are used in popular cat toys.


Exhibits incredibly potent pheromone like effects that last for several hours after being exposed.

Oleic Acid

Oleic acid pheromonal properties can slow the advancement of Adrenoleukodystrophy which is a fatal disease that can affect the adrenal glands and brain. It is also said to be the main cause of the blood pressure reducing properties of olive oil.

Periplanone B

Periplanone B is a pheromone compound generated by female American cockroaches. It creates sexual excitement in male cockroaches at short distances.

Phenyl acetaldehyde

Phenyl acetaldehyde is an aromatic chemical compound found in chocolate and a wide variety of foods as well as flowers. It has often been added to cigarettes by their manufacturers to improve the smell released while smoking. It has been suggested that it may be why chocolate and flowers seem to have sensual side effects when it comes to women.

Vaccenyl acetate

Vaccenyl acetate effects the social as well as mating behaviors of various insects and is the male sexual pheromone of fruit flies.


Verbenone:is a natural chemical compound which is found in various plants. It has a pleasing and unique odor. In addition to be a organic component of plant life, they are also known as insect pheromones.

The vomeronasal organ (VNO)

The primary function of the Vomeronasal organ it to detect pheromones. It is a popular organ for studies and research regarding the part it plays in social behavior as well as species reproduction.

Pheromones basically act in two primary ways

1. Signal pheromones: cause members of the opposite sex to take notice of you and triggers instant modifications in conduct by simply activating specific areas of your brain.

2. Priming pheromones: induces boosts in GnRH development that also calls for physical, intimate contact.

Pheromones have received years of testing and research. For an interesting example, consider this; Gay or Halitosis Bombs was the non-lethal brain child of research carried out by the government that when dropped on the enemy would discharge female pheromones and make them sexually attracted to each other. Today, pheromone spray companies have created products that basically are reported to have the same emotional effects.

For decades humans have been searching for the perfect love potion that would make them more desirable and pheromones have turned out to be a powerful and effective solution. No real surprise since all nature depends on them to exist and multiply. Choose your pheromone categories carefully to receive the best benefits.

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