Not Your Ordinary Pheromone Product

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Pheromone colognes have been found to be an effective way of attracting more women, and in some cases, more men. The hype about pheromones paved the way to numerous pheromone colognes. Another pheromone product that joins the bandwagon is the Phero-X Pheromone producer.

Phero-X is not your ordinary pheromone product. Most pheromone brands are colognes. These are typically sprayed or dabbed on the pulse points and the clothing. But instead of applying Phero-X externally, it is actually taken orally. Phero-X is a liquid based pheromone producer. It is composed of vitamins and herbal extracts that allows your body to naturally produce large amounts of pheromones.

How it works

A few drops of Phero-X under the tongue is expected to have an immediate effect on your body. You’ll feel a tingling sensation in your ears and neck. You’ll also observe that your body seems to be heating up. This will last for about 15 minutes. After which your body will be steadily producing pheromones up to 4-8 hours.




At a glance, Phero-X may seem to be a great product. It certainly has a unique way of using pheromones as a product. Phero-Xx aims to influence your body into producing more of your natural pheromones. It does this through its vitamins and herbal extracts. The body normally produces large amounts of pheromones in a sexual state. Phero-x aims to trick your body into producing large amounts of pheromones without being intimate. You can look at Phero-x as an aphrodisiac. Your body heats up and your pulse rate increases.

The biggest drawback with Phero-X pheromone is its lack of evidence to effectively produce pheromones. They used the words ‘third party testing’ to describe their evidence based study on the product. However, this in itself is vague. It does not sound believable, much more credible. If the efficacy of Phero-X is not backed by studies and clinical trials, you can only take a guess with the results when you use it. There are reports that many users do not find the product effective. You are taking a risk with your $50. In the end, it is pretty expensive for a product that is not research proven.

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