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Apparently, a new way of attracting the opposite sex is through the use of bottled pheromones. One example is Primal Instinct. A bottle full of Primal Instinct For Him and For Her contains pheromones that is said to have the strongest concentration among its counterparts.

How Does Pheromones Work?

Pheromones are naturally occurring substances that animals and humans alike secrete. Animals use pheromones as another means of communication. They secrete it to signal the desire for mating and they also use it to mark their territories.

Humans are known to secrete a small amount of pheromones. They are secreted particularly when sweating, but are removed upon showering. Animals use pheromones in a daily basis, humans on the other hand, don’t. Humans usually rely on higher faculty (judgment, vision, hearing, language) as a means of communication. Although humans do secrete pheromones, we are not able to detect it as much. Repeated exposure at smaller distances can improve the odds though.

How Does Primal Instinct Work?

Primal Instinct boasts of the pheromones it contains – aldostrenone and aldostrenol. Aldostrenone is an established pheromone. It is usually found in the sweat and urine of mammals, especially boars. This particular pheromone is predominantly male. It evokes a dominant, macho feel to the wearer. Women will be drawn unconsciously to the Primal Instinct as they respond unconsciously to the pheromone detected. The aldostrenol on the other hand is a female pheromone. This gives the female an aura of friendliness. Men find the woman friendly, open, and very approachable.




Pheromones when finally working to its full potential can really be used in a number of ways. You can use it to influence a person to your satisfaction. However, this isn’t exactly playing fair. Primal Instinct as a pheromone product may do that, if its promises prove to be true. However, Primal Instinct still has a lot to prove. Its efficacy is in question because there is very little study to back it up. There is little evidence of the human response to the pheromones of Primal Instinct. If you want to attract the opposite sex, then we recommend sticking with a pheromone product with a more proven track record.

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