UltrAllure Promises A Better Love Life

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UltrAllure pheromone cologne is not your ordinary phermone. This product claims to have the most effective blend of pheromones. It also has an overtone of Tommy Hilfiger’s scent. Its manufacturer, Cybermed, markets the product as the ‘two in one’ must have pheromone cologne. It is not only a pheromone, it is also a cologne. Indeed, you are paying  once for two benefits.

How Does UltrAllure Work?

UltrAllure is typically used as a cologne. You can put it in your pulse points such as your wrist or neck, and you can also apply it in your clothing. The scent and effect of UltrAllure is said to last anywhere between 8 to 12 hours. However, trials have shown that it only lasts for a couple of hours. UltrAllure promises a better love life for you, whether you are looking to improve your relationship or you’re just into hook ups. The makers of UltrAllure guarantee that you will be more attractive to women who normally wouldn’t give you the time of the day.


A bottle of UltrAllure costs $70 but on sale, it costs $59.95. This belongs to the price range of the leading  pheromone brands. They also have several offers of buy 2 and save up to $40, buy 3 and save up to $60. The offer goes on up to 5 bottles where you save up to $190 with added bonuses: 2 month supply of Erectify Virility Strips and 1 month supply of Power Enlarge Enhancement Patches.



Final Thoughts

UltrAllure pheromone does a good job in marketing the product. They used the right pictures and the right words to lure the customers. However, the flowering words does not mask the fact that they have not specified any established pheromones in their product. They go on describing it as “most effective blend” and “highest grade pheromone”. This in itself is a source of suspicion of its efficacy. If it is indeed the most effective, it would be worth mentioning to allay the customers’ fears and apprehension. Despite its claims of having the best pheromones, UltrAllure fails to deliver. Independent trials have shown that it is not as effective as the other pheromone brands. In the end, you will be paying for a pheromone cologne that is basically nothing more than a cologne.

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