What You Need To Know Before Using Pheromones

When looking and searching for potential mates – most people focus on finding and seducing their targeted opposite through a series of behaviors. Normally the first thing we will all do is make sure we look appropriately, followed by a bit of laughing, and then hopefully – attraction. But is there more? It’s been rumored for years that pheromones are a key to attraction among all species, but only recently have scientific studies shown that using pheromones might play a large role in attraction.

Are They Real?

There is no doubt that many components to attraction and anything related are mere fabrications in the minds of anyone that wants to make money. ‘Dress this way’; ‘Act like this’; ‘Buy this book’ – all extremely common, but also all are extremely fallible.

With pheromones though – what is scientifically proven, shown, and published is that they do affect how we react to the opposite sex.

How Pheromones Work

How exactly pheromones influence the brain has yet to been shown, yet what is concrete is the link between pheromones and the brain – and the behavior changes that ensue after exposure.

Breaking down the process:

What They Are Not

Although it might sound like a seduction tool straight out of the movies, don’t get your hopes up. Using Pheromones will be one of many factors that influence attraction, just like basic looks, personality, and any other aspects within your life.

The Booming Market of Pheromones

As with any product that deals with health, beauty, or attraction – there is a growing field with pheromones as well. Numerous companies have come forth bringing their new product to the market place – claiming that it is the one and only solution to attraction.

PositivesClearly there is a link to pheromones and attraction. Any brand that could actually create a synthetic formula that mimics these pheromones could play some role in affecting other’s opinions.

NegativesAs with any other industry, the hype gets built up rapidly. Marketing takes over and pretty soon pheromones are the magic key to seduction.

The Verdict?

With hype comes a certain amount of expectation. It is almost a given these days that products won’t perform as marketed – but will perform to a certain extent. The same is likely true with using pheromones. Although they probably won’t make everyone fall in love with you instantly, some might help stimulate attraction and likeability within the brain for members of the opposite sex.

The downside is that there are no quantitative measurements that can be taken for levels of attraction – or at least none that companies have performed. Hopefully pheromones will continue to be developed that are undeniably a key to help building attraction.

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