Are Pheromones Real?

By now probably everyone on the planet has heard something about pheromones and their use in perfumes and colognes. You've probably also heard how these pheromones draw members of the opposite sex to you like flies to honey. However, what you may not know is what pheromones are and how they work.

Every animal on the planet secretes pheromones. These pheromones really have no noticeable scent to them but, are picked up by a part of your olfactory system known as the vomeronasal and then past on to a portion of your brain that controls your emotional response. Perfumes and colognes carry a mixture of chemically produced pheromones that elicit a romantic and sensual interest in the opposite sex.

Chemically producing pheromones is not an entirely new idea. For decades hunters and trappers have been using chemically made pheromones to lure game into their rifle sites or snares. It is just that scientists now have learned how to manufacture human pheromones to help stimulate romantic interest between humans.

If We All Ready Produce Pheromones Why Do We Need To Use Those Made In A Lab?

Many people wonder why when every human being produces pheromones themselves they would need chemically manufactured pheromones to attract members of the opposite sex. The answer is actually quite simple, it’s because we bathe. That's right as our society has become more hygienic we actually wash off the pheromones our bodies make almost as soon as they are produced. In a round about way, our hygienic endeavors to attract other people to us has resulted in the lack of the pheromones chemicals that aids the attraction.

Of course, we need to wash because our bodies also produce scents that are more noticeable such as sweat that most people find unattractive to smell and these odors can easily be off putting enough to over ride the attraction benefits of our natural pheromones. So, chemical pheromones are simply a way to replace those "attraction" chemicals we are washing away with the other less pleasant odors our bodies produce.


What Are Pheromones And Do They Work?

The honest answer to the question of whether pheromones work is both yes and no. Pheromones do work in high enough concentrations. Clinical studies and even informal studies have shown that using a product with a high concentration of pheromone chemicals does indeed attract members of the opposite sex.

However, the making of chemical pheromones is an expensive procedure so; products containing enough pheromones to attract the opposite sex are highly expensive. The less expensive pheromone products simply do not have the concentration of chemicals needed to get the job done.

This simply means that if you are looking to attract the opposite sex you are going to have to spend the money necessary to get the full effect of pheromones or you might as well settle for a simple good smelling perfume or cologne.

What Are Pheromones?

Now that you know a little about pheromones and how they work, you don’t have to wonder anymore “what are pheromones” and you can determine if using pheromones is right for you.

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